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Breakfast Menu

English Breakfast Tea or Lavazza Italian Coffee 

Fresh Orange Juice and water

Homemade wholemeal toast with homemade jams and Marmite

Pla Ton Kor

(traditional Thai fried donuts, garnished with sesame seeds and served with fresh warm soya milk)

Fresh Seasonal Fruits

(locally sourced, seasonal tropical fruits)

"The Delish"

(assorted grains, raisins, fresh Greek Yoghurt, diced fresh fruit, ground flax seed, diced apple and topped with raspberries and fresh passion fruit)


"The Full English"

(Bacon, traditional english sausage, fried toast, beans, fried mushrooms, tomato compote, and choice of fried or scrambled eggs)


Fried rice / Congee / Rice soup

(traditional Asian rice based breakfast, with locally supplied fish, chicken, pork, or vegetables. Garnished with freshly chopped spring onion and coriander. Pickle chilli, dried chilli, sugar, and Fermented Fish Sauce (Nam Pla) served on the side

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